My work is an expression of the nature that surrounds us. I like to express the beauty of what we were given. The mediums I use are oils and acrylic. I use big brush strokes to see the movement and coherence of the colors. I also use palette knives to see the dimensions and texture of the paint. I like seeing the different techniques that are played out on the canvas. My intention is to engage my viewers in the emotion and imagination that flow in their minds. Sharing my creativity gives me a strong appreciation of everything beautiful that surrounds us all.

Anna Kim, an impressionist, was born in Manila, Philippines. She migrated to the United States when she was a teenager. At a young age, Anna discovered her talent when she started drawing portraits and nature. She later developed a love for photography as well which she considers another extension of her artistry. Her photography career spanned 15+ years starting in the darkroom and culminating into professional photography. More recently she was a proprietor and cake artist making one-of-a-kind custom cakes. Today, she is focused on her painting where her style is recognized by floating flowers and floating objects on canvas. Anna grew up in a family of artists where she developed diff­erent styles as well as studied Arts in California. She has participated in a number of group exhibitions and a solo exhibition in the United States. Her inspiration comes from her travels around the world and life experiences. Her paintings can be seen hanging in private collections and corporate businesses.