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Folklore to Mixed Cultures Catalog

A digital catalog featuring images of 26 paintings, a note on each collection, and an inspired reflection detailing the transition between my most recent collections.


I am the first born child of an immigrant. My mother immigrated to Montana in the 1990’s after having an arranged marriage with my father. As their mixed-race child, I reflect on my upbringing by visualizing memories and shared family stories through the subtle and effective body language of hands. I am interested in capturing the seemingly-mundane moments of how culture persists and is practiced through generations in the diaspora.

April Werle is an emerging Filipino American painter whose narrative paintings delve into the transmission of culture across generations in the diaspora. Influenced by her parents' arranged marriage, Werle's works explore themes of mixed-race identity, belonging, home, and family. She achieves this by reimagining memories and shared family stories, skillfully capturing the nuances of body language, particularly through the expressive use of hands. Her paintings have been exhibited at notable venues, including the Holter Museum of Art, Missoula Art Museum, and The Other Art Fair Los Angeles. Her work has been featured in publications like New Visionary Magazine and Kapwa Magazine. April Werle has received recognition for her contributions, including an ARPA Grant and a Strategic Investment Grant from the Montana Arts Council. Currently based in Missoula, Montana, she continues to explore cultural identity and heritage through her art.