Betty Kano
Betty KanoBetty KanoBetty Kano

Betty Kano


Painting is a way in this world to communicate with neglected spirits, spirits that crisscross through consciousness and reveal themselves as destiny. Cuba’s Havana Bienal exposed me to an art of a spiritual (and political) manifestation and I was inspired to seek Ifa, the liturgy of Yoruba of Nigeria, for this way to honor the spirits and the deities of the Yoruba pantheon, an indigenous tradition that is also global.

Betty Nobue Kano is a Lecturer at San Francisco State University and has exhibited her work in over 200 galleries and museums, nationally and internationally. She has curated over 30 exhibits, including “Generation Nexus: Peace in the Post-war Era,” that launched the opening of National Japanese American Historical Society’s Bldg. 640 at Crissy Field, Presidio, San Francisco in Novmber 2013. She co-founded Art Against Apartheid, Asian American Women Artists Association, Women of Color Camp and served on the boards of Alliance for Cultural Democracy, National Japanese American Historical Society and the Medicine Warriors Dancers/All Nations Singers Powwow Committee at Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland. She currently serves on the Japanese American Women Alumnae of UC Berkeley board, and the board of the Japanese American National Library, in addition to teaching conversational Japanese at Sakura Kai senior center.
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