Art, to me, is about connection... a connection to oneself, a connection to others, a connection to Mother Earth, a connection to the Universe. In my work, you can find yourself experiencing the awe of nature or the feeling of floating through another planet. While living on our world, there are other worlds we occupy in the depths of our conscious and subconscious. Dreams influence my paintings, and in my dreams, I've flown through these worlds and danced as if I was levitating in the clouds. In some of my creations, you may find yourself standing on a shore in Hawaii, smelling the salty air and feeling the sun on your face. In others, you can be floating through a nebula in outer space and feeling what it would be like to be wrapped in indigo. In the end, through my artistic explorations, my hope is for you to connect to yourself and know you are part of something bigger.

Cat is a multiracial San Franciscan Artist. Cat grew up in San Jose, CA where she began drawing and painting as a child before discovering oil painting as a student at St. Francis high school win Mountain View. There she credits her oil painting teacher, Mrs. Sara Totah, with introducing her to the medium and helping her develop her craft over two semesters. Based on that foundation, she developed her own approach, everything is an experiment. With this mentality, she enters her studio with a freedom she doesn't always have in her day job as a licensed Architect. The studio is a playhouse where anything can be used to paint with and she's only limited by how long her husband will take care of their 18 month old while she paints.
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