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Clare Kuo


My artwork is influenced by having grown up in the East. Much of my work as a college student was inspired aboriginal dress and crafts. While my style has evolved, my color palette is still largely influenced by humble aboriginal traditions. For example, my palette consists primarily of bold primary colors, I use simple geometrical shapes and I leave ample open space in each painting. I may also use Sumi ink on rice paper or apply it directly to my paintings to balance out the color and add complexity. Fifteen years of graphic design experience in academia and industry have strongly influenced my creative process and the final composition of each piece. I start each painting by sketching graphical elements on paper and using the sketch as an inspiration. While the final piece may not resemble the initial sketch, balance, harmony and structure are all based on the fundamentals of graphic design. My latest series, “Tap”, has been inspired, in part, by my passion for tap dance. My home art studio doubles as dance studio where my children and I practice tap dance. We’ve been taking classes for a couple of years and I've become fascinated with the form. If I am ever stuck with a piece or just need a break, I practice tap for a while and come back with a clear mind. I have incorporated typeface in my tap series as it reminds me of tapping sounds from old typewriters. As a graphic designer and artist that loves old typewriters and tap dance, "Tap" describes the sounds coming from my studio and my heart.