Connie Heller
Connie HellerConnie HellerConnie Heller

Connie Heller


Art is an expression of our humanity: the desire to create, to make, to transform the world around us, to share new ways of seeing and experiencing that world. Fiber Collage, cutting, tearing and layering fabric, possibly stitching, is one way I wrestle with ideas and questions that emerge in conversations with people, reading books, and looking within. Sometimes that expression is abstract, other times it is representational or plays with familiar symbols. Most often, edges are left rough, representations gestural, in an effort to remind and recall the unfinished, revealing the ever-in-process of life in community and living itself. Emerging themes include connection, separation, and transformation.


Connie Cagampang Heller is a biracial, Filipina-American textile artist who uses collage to explore race in America--capturing both what is beautiful and inspiring about people and disturbing about the continually evolving system of marginalization.