As an artist working with tele-nomadic multimedia, I work with video, performance and installation, experimenting with technology as a means to channel transmissions of memory and knowledge from the ether-nets of my mixed diasporic background. Born and raised in the United States to Chinese-Peruvian parents, I concern myself with the intergenerational passage and overloading of information. Using video technology and interactive installations, I explore the performative fissures between language, distance, time and mobility. Through a process of mirrored, closed-circuit and analog connections, I arrange malfunctioning screens and map out wires into a precarious transnational array of looping communication. I also sculpt, edit and perform with archival materials (from hand-polished stone to digitized photos and sounds of my family) to contemplate the haptic, intimate and familial bonds we have to mobile devices. Fragmenting the links we hold dear to contemporary consumer electronics, I conceptualize the liminal capacity of technology to possess and display the cognitive afterlife of migratory human and object dementia. While the televisual work of Nam June Paik and Dieter Kiessling motivate me to consider the systematic operations of the medium, my passion to integrate ethnographic and intergenerational information derives from my research of Trinh T. Minh-ha, Rea Tajiri and Song Dong’s work. With the constant travel of light and signals in my practice, I see the techno-transference of memory as a non-linear process that offers a gateway to feel closer to the aura of loss in an age of pixelated preservation.

Diana Li is an artist and arts organizer. As an artist, she works with video, performance and installation, experimenting with technology to channel intergenerational transmissions of memory and knowledge from the ether-nets of her mixed diasporic background. She received her undergraduate degree in Visual Arts Media and Ethnic Studies at UC San Diego and her MFA at San Francisco Art Institute. With her collaborator, Erina C Alejo, Diana is a founding member of Appendix Collective, which formed through AAWAA's Emerging Curators Program in 2016. Together with a team of educators, young artists and community leaders, they also cultivate joy with SoMapagmahal, a youth photography mxntorship program. Diana has also shown and worked in multiple capacities with organizations like the Center for Asian American Media, Asian American Women Artists Association, Kearny Street Workshop, Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center and Emerging Arts Professionals.