I came across the katazome method of dyeing a few years back, when I was researching and experimenting with indigo dye methods. It’s a traditional resist dye process utilizing the cutting of stencils from persimmon juice-reinforced paper and squeegeeing on rice paste. Nowadays it’s an uncommon artform due to it requiring quite a bit more time and effort than other, more modern methods — but I fell in love with how the dyes express themselves on fabric with this method. I am working to preserve the dye method and share the process with others as I exhibit my work across the US.

Erika is a western WA based textile artist working primarily with katazome, a traditional rice paste-based resist printing method. Being a 1.5 generation Japanese-American with a Japanese mother and yonsei father, they have very deep roots set both in the US and Japan. Much of what inspires them comes from their background as a bicultural person, along with the unique natural beauty of this region.