Hyun Jung Lee
Hyun Jung LeeHyun Jung LeeHyun Jung Lee

Hyun Jung Lee


Subject matters for my pictures are sections of nature scenes or landscape that are connected to my emotions. I intend to show a condensed space between a self-internal scene and a part of scene in external appearances. Daily scenes are become subject matters of my works. Once my eyes settles on a particular spot in nature, my landscape is complete. With traveled the inside, each scene is filtered through my own net of the individual sense. In that space, my images are impressed, overlapped, and involved with each other. At that very moment experienced landscapes or significant sections of a scene cohere by means of my internal world and then set some images out of the scene at "that time and that spot". In my works, a personalized scene is separated into its shape and its surroundings backgrounds, along with the outline of the main subject. The subject shown in "the right moment or right now" view is grasped into a whole outline through immediate and direct visual experiences. After that, the interior shape, color, layout, and movement in the space are combined and is classified and reorganized into a specific space of 'Hereness and now' or 'Thereness and that time'. In that way, the shape and the color of subjects affecting my feelings become more personalized. Also I try to make unique two dimensional, illusional space through showing conflicting harmony between personalized scenes and a real appearance.

Hyun Jung Lee lives in Pleasanton as a Korean-American artist and educator. EDUCATION -Pratt Institute (New York, NY) MA in Communication Design -Seoul National University (Seoul, Korea) MFA in Printmaking -Seoul National University (Seoul, Korea) B.F.A in Painting -Sunwha Arts High School & Sunwha Arts School AWARD AND EXHIBITION -”Korean young artists” The LeRoy Neiman Gallery in Columbia University,NewYork -”Korean-Chinese Work Exchange Exhibition” CAFA's New Campus. Beijing, China -”Digital + Camera” Chohung Gallery, Seoul
-”Pan! Club-Small meeting” Chohung Gallery, Seoul -”Their place” Banpo-2-dong Office, Seoul
-”Fast running of walker” BoDa Gallery, Seoul
-”Korea Contemporary Printmakers Association Competition” Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul -Special Prize at the competition held by the Korean Contemporary Printmakers Association
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