Jesselle Sue
Jesselle SueJesselle SueJesselle Sue

Jesselle Sue


I am an abstract painter, passionate about creating joyful and straightforward compositions. I experimented with all kinds of materials and substrates, including cement, resin, Acrylic, and encaustic, before deciding to work exclusively in oil on canvas, linen, or Arches Cover paper. I use abstraction instead of referencing recognizable elements so that I am able to improvise. I can focus on lines, shapes, and textures freed from the constraints of figurative forms or narrative depictions. With these formal elements of my medium in mind, I develop simple compositions that do not follow logical criteria, but are based only on the pre-visual images in my mind’s eye. Instead of remembering pictures, I visualize shapes and colors, and many of my paintings are materializations of these memories. While my style is unique, I am inspired by Japanese watercolor, Chinese landscape, and abstract painters.

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