For me to make art, I must be profoundly moved by an experience or thought. I share life stories through my work. My studio is my sanctuary to make art, free of outside influences and judgment of others. Being in a place that feels safe is important to me. My inner world is feminine; I select specific colors to evoke a feeling or luscious fabrics to create a veil, like a soft shield of protection. From that point, there is a pouring out of emotions where I expose my personal life’s journey. This vital process is the vehicle that helps to promote healing within and it is why I continue my art practice.

I was born in Berkeley and raised in the bay area. I received my Art degree from UC Berkeley with high honors and an emphasis in painting and ceramics. Through my art, I create from my heart and produce uniquely inspiring pieces of art touched by human emotion. My work has been exhibited throughout the San Francisco bay area and beyond, as well as New York City. Over the years, my body of work has evolved from the earlier abstracts of ocean and landscapes to forms infused with Japanese culture, the war’s incarceration of my family during WW11 and spirituality. For me, my art is a birthplace of healing as the emotional voice of myself and my ancestors find expression. I continue to expand on my spiritual process through my daily practice of meditation and reiki, which assists me to make art that heals.