Lena Shey, a San Francisco Bay Area professional artist, uses oil or acrylics paints and various symbolic and figurative imageries to spread the messages of love, peace, and unity. She dedicates her artwork for the healing of our fear, suffering, and separation. Each painting embodies her personal and spiritual transformation on her life journey. She and a painting are both the subject and object. While the painting is created by her, she evolves through creating it. She draws her inspirations from the spiritual teaching of many people and all religions. Her Chinese and American culture background and adventure to more than 30 countries give her a broad and holistic perspective about the world and universe. She has a theme for a painting in mind before its creation. The planning is conducted without lots of details. Her art creation process is very fluid led by her consciousness, subconsciousness, emotions, spiritual learning, and life experiences. Beautiful music such as meditation music, singing bowls, and chants bring out the flow of creativity from her.

Lena's passion for expressing her soul and spirit through creating artwork started when she was a child in Shanghai, China. She spent countless hours on learning drawing and painting on her own and from art teachers in school. She moved to the America when China opened its door to the world. After obtaining her BA in Art from Keene Sate College in New Hampshire and MBA from Baruch College in New York City, she pursued her creative endeavor while working in the IT and business world. 2015 was a transformation year for her, when she found her new spiritual calling to heal the world through art and left the "corporate rat race." She is grateful that the universe has answered her call with kindness and opportunities. Her artworks have been showcased in art galleries in the U.S. and online worldwide, and are in private collections around the world. She was named as the "Business Partner of the Month" from US Bank. Her painting Show Love, Show Compassion received the award in the "11th Call for Art and Billboard Contest" from the Health Through Art organization. It is converted into mass media to spread messages of hope, health and recovery to the community.