The last child of four kids and divorced parents, and absent siblings, drove me to divert my energies to creativity. Traumatized in my formative and early life, and forced into a relationship I did not want, influenced me to look at mankind with cynicism. Indulging in sitcoms of the 60's was a short escape, creativity proved long lasting. Acrylic painting, mixed media and assemblage is my choice of execution. Past experiences and my compassion for the abused of the world narrate itself in provocative visuals.

Yee was a graphic designer for seventeen years and a self publisher. Yee contributed original collage works to Joe Cardella’s International “Art/Life” Magazine, For four years she assembled contributors and published “Folio 94, Conversation for Those Who Create” in Honolulu. Like “Art/Life”, Folio 94 was a hand bound magazine with 3-D designs and poems. Under the name Folio 94 she organized quarterly poetry slams at multiple venues. An annual art show for the visual artists of Folio 94 was installed at selected galleries. Dia de Los Muertos inspired her to co-curate, organize and install several exhibitions in Santa Cruz and Honolulu. Yee self published “Maggie’s Men’s Group” subtitled Collective Figure Drawings: Under the influence of wine, chocolate & conversation. Yee secured, organized and installed two venues to exhibit the extraordinary drawings produced by several artists who collaborated on each piece of art. Hawaiian-born, emigrant of Chinese and Filipino decent, Maggie Yee is an acrylic painter and assemblage artist practicing since 1975. She is inspired by her reactions to her past experiences, and pop culture influence and compassion for the abused emerge in provocative visuals. Yee is a seasonal scenic painter for Cabrillo Stage. She works in and resides in Santa Cruz. She has exhibited in California and Hawaii, SOMArts Cultural Center, Los Gatos Museum of Art, Joyce Gordon Gallery, Craft and Folk Art Museum Los Angeles, Museum of Art and History Santa Cruz, Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery UCSC, Ventura County Govt. Center. Queen Emma Gallery, Honolulu State Library, Honolulu Hale, Pauahi Tower. Maggie Yee has been in the following articles, Art Week, Sights About Town LA Times, Bay Area Reporter and The Daily Californian, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Honolulu Advertiser.