Working primarily in mail art, my work focuses on diaristic sharing through personal letters written to friends. My mail art emerged within the riot grrrl zine scene of the 1990s and helped me cope with my transient military childhood. Much like my early zines, my mail art operates as resistance, the essential tenant that drives my practice. My work employs empowered visibility, that by its very exposure challenges structures of oppression in today’s society. I use language in the processes of resistance, documenting rather than hiding the ramifications of my mental health, attempting to connect with others through an exhibition of self on my own terms, and always returning to the personal as political.

Mitsuko Brooks is a member of The Asian American Women Artists Association and The Diasporic Asian Art Network. She earned her B.F.A. from Cooper Union, and also attended The Oxbow School in Napa Valley. She completed artist residencies at Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden (2012), The School of Making Thinking (2013), and The Wassaic Program (2014), and received The Sally Van Der Lier Fellowship. Select internationally and nationally exhibitions were at SOMArts, SFAI, The Kearny Street Workshop, Rush Arts Gallery and Recession Art. Her work is held in permanent collections at The Smithsonian's Artist Archive, Artexte Info Centre, and Barnard Library.