Written Samples

Talking to Strangers mini publication, cover art and statement by CK Itamura


Taking to Strangers mini publication , 'some girls," "ethnic adjustments," and "open season • no limit" by Shizue Seigel


Her work explores place, history, culture—how we are shaped by them; how we can shape them— through poetry and prose,, photocollage, cartography, installation, painting and printmaking.


Shizue Seigel is a third-generation Japanese American who explores complex intersections of history, culture and spirituality through prose, poetry and visual art. was born shortly after her family's release from WWII incarceration, and she grew up as an Army brat in segregated Baltimore, Occupied Japan, California farm labor camps and skid-row Stockton. She’s a college dropout who learned by doing—from the Haight-Ashbury to Indian ashrams, from corporate advertising to HIV prevention in public housing to San Francisco’s vibrant activist arts community. She is the founder/director of Write Now! SF Bay. Her eight books include five anthologies of Bay Area BIPOC writers and artists. Her poetry and prose have been widely published in literary journals and anthologies.