Sizhe Luo
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Sizhe Luo


My works reveal the beauty hidden in ordinary forms, visualizing abstract concepts through metal and nature's gift of minerals. As an artist in learning, the pleasure of peering into the depths as an explorer is far greater than simply staying on the surface as an observer. Curiosity drove me to the path of creativity. Therefore, in the process of using metal as a medium, constant experimentation, constant failure, allowed me to establish a connection with this material. The metal itself is cold, yet from the moment I touch it and change its form, it takes on a temperature and life. What it shows is everything I have practiced in time, each trace is a record and proof of the exploration process. In the process of exploration I found that dismantling the forms of ordinary objects and reorganizing them using metal to add my own understanding could better reveal their charms while preserving the prototypes. More importantly, the way jewelry and metal art are expressed allows me to find a balance between art and design. For me, design has always been more utilitarian and purposeful, while art is quite personal. When I make a piece of wearable jewelry, my art will have the ability to combine with other individuals and reinforce their spirit.

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