Ever since I could hold a pencil, I’ve created drawings that bridge the distance between my thoughts and spoken words. The organic marks and lines flow and develop as I watch them assume shape and meanings in whatever medium I work in. They’re the visual representations of all of the things I don’t, or can’t, always put into words. I transcribe and reveal the subtle enigmatic beauty of nature through intuitive calligraphy. Curated urban waste drive the approach for my projects, whether I'm weaving plastics, collecting acorns, lighting coffee lid installations, carving encaustics or painting murals.

Based in California, Sophia Lee was born in Taiwan and immigrated to USA at 9. She had no clue of the move and spoke zero english. Art became her form of communication. She worked in fashion design, book-cover design before focusing on her studio work. As a multidisciplinary artists, she paints, etches, create mosaics, weaves plastics, and create light installations, and paint murals. She finds her voice in modernizing the tradition of calligraphy through California inspired bold colors and the meaningful contextualization of urban waste. She is a free-spirit introverted who loves people and being alone. She prefers to stay home and travel the world. She is duelist in life and art. Her studio work is serious vs her whimsical murals. In 2019, she completed her 2 year Journal Building Artist Residency program in San Francisco, She recently formed a artist collective with fellow artists called Electric Snail Studio in the Mission district.
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