Susan Kitazawa
Susan KitazawaSusan KitazawaSusan Kitazawa

Susan Kitazawa


Susan Kitazawa lives in San Francisco. She enjoys making art, writing, dancing, and community advocacy. She is retired after 25 years working as a registered nurse with low income and Immigrant people. Prior to becoming an RN, she herself lived a low income life, working a series of what are sometimes called menial jobs. She has university degrees in cultural anthropology, nursing, and education. She now lives with ever-decreasing eyesight but perhaps with ever-widening vision — because of her rich range of life experiences and the opportunities she has had to live and work alongside others from a wide variety of backgrounds. Her interest in the experiences of others and her own experience living life as an American woman of color, now with a deepening disability, are reflected in much of her creative work. Her writing has been published, and she has participated in community art exhibitions. She hopes that, by sharing her work, she can offer some light to others on this path that we all share.

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